Keep Percolating

My ninth-grade English teacher’s favorite expression was “Keep percolating.” She used the phrase to prod us when discussing literature or to urge us to take our weekly writing assignments in new and unexpected directions. Her point was not to settle for the first idea that pops in your head. Instead, keep thinking. Keep pushing yourself to think beyond the ordinary.

That refrain has been foundational to my writing. As I look back on the past decade, I can see that my best written pieces are the ones I let percolate. Instead of settling for that first idea, I brainstorm, I revise, I revise again, often flipping the idea by trying a new setting, or new point of view, or new metaphor until I create something that really sparkles.

I’ve gone through this same process with this blog. I’ve played with layout and color, purpose and execution. I’ve written and reflected on numerous entries. I’ve sat back and let it percolate. Now, finally, the brew is ready. After all, coffee can’t percolate forever. At some point it’s time to grab a cup.

So please, pour yourself a cup of hot coffee (or tea, as I prefer) and join me as we celebrate writing, reading and life.

20 thoughts on “Keep Percolating

  1. Your English teacher sounds JUST like my editor… especially about thinking beyond the ordinary. Very wise advice! I’m grabbing a fresh cup of coffee and will think about this as I do my revise. Thanks for the reminder. And YAY for your new blog! BB here, too.

  2. Welcome to blogging, and I hope you enjoy making coffee. I like the image, since I think of my blog as a coffee-break with me, not a selling-anything platform. I like the calm and thoughtful design you chose also.

  3. Congratulations on getting started blogging! I’m going to try and leave this comment without it messing me up completely. They want me to use an old WordPress account and I’m with Blogger now as I mentioned on the blueboards. We’ll see how they list me 🙂

  4. Laura, your blog is beautiful! Congrats on the launch! Wise words from your English teacher. And I love your follow-up–at some point, it’s ready…so go on and pour! Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful thoughts and ideas.

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