Tweet! Tweet! Interview at No Water River

A few months ago I signed up for Twitter. Initially I was skeptical about its value. But now, almost 500 “tweets” later, I get it. For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is a social media platform where users post quick 140-character thoughts, comments, or shout-outs to the world.  Twitter users “follow” each other and something you “tweet” can reach thousands by being “re-tweeted” by your followers and/or grouped according to categories using something called “hashtags”. As a writer, I’ve found Twitter to be a great way to be part of the conversation. It’s also a great venue for networking.

Two weeks into my Twitter plunge, a tweeting poet asked if I’d like to participate in her on-line video library of children’s poets reading their poems. I visited her website and was immediately taken by its welcoming feel and creative flair. Her poetry video library has an impressive and growing collection of children’s poets including Laura Purdie Salas, Kenn Nesbitt, and Children’s Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis. The website creator, Renee LaTulippe, is also a talented poet and children’s writer in her own right. My conclusion: this woman is making a lovely contribution to the world of children’s literature.

Several emails later we’d agreed upon a poem and a date. I’m excited to announce that today is the debut of my first ever poetry video and interview. So, if you have time, click on over to Renee’s site. I’ll make it easy for you. Here’s the link:

11 thoughts on “Tweet! Tweet! Interview at No Water River

  1. Laura, I think you must have been one of my very first tweets, because I joined about the same time you did. So glad we connected, and even gladder to have you on NWR today with your wonderful reading! (And btw, your blog is loverly, too!)

  2. .Glad you’re enjoying Twitter. It’s my last hold-out, as the idea of being that ‘plugged-in’ is more than I can wrap my mind around. In some ways it was tailor-made for poets.
    You’re making me think that maybe I should just *try it*… Not. Quite. Yet.

  3. Hi Laura – First, I have to say I LOVE your banner! Did you draw it? Second, loved your interview on NWR yesterday. Third, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! And finally, I am brand new to twitter, still trying to figure it out, not very successfully :), and looking forward to when it makes a little more sense!

    • Thanks, to all for stopping by both here and at No Water River. I’m glad you like the blog. I’m still a newbie to blogging but I’m loving it – especially the sense of community that develops when we visit and post on each others’ blogs. I didn’t expect that and I think it’s a wonderful way to be part of the kid lit conversation. To answer Susannah’s question, my mother actually designed the banner as well as the celebratory bird featured on this week’s post. She’s a life-long artist and a great inspiration to me. I’ll be featuring her and some of her work in an interview next month.

      • Oh, kudos to your mom. That celebratory bird is ADORABLE, as is your banner. Isn’t it wonderful to have an artist in the family? My brother did my banner, and the pig for “This Pig’s Got the Blues.” Too bad we didn’t get some of that gene, too! 🙂

  4. I love your No Water River poetry post. So cute and so funny! It reminds me of my class pet – a turtle named Mr. Speedy. The difference is, “his” name remained Mr. Speedy even after he laid an egg!

  5. I tried Twitter, but couldn’t keep up with it. I’m not so good with all the social media stuff. I follow when I can. I checked out the interview and poem reading, too, and left a comment over there. What a treat to get to see you and hear you read some of your work, Laura! Loved it! 🙂

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