More Concerts, PLEASE!

After two years of playing the cello, my 11-year-old switched to the bass in December. He adapted quickly and all winter I enjoyed listening to him practice. Two weeks ago that practice paid off when he had his first gig, as he called it, as a bassist. It was the annual Spring Elementary School Concert and he couldn’t wait. Ahead of time he combed his hair without coaxing, tucked in a crisp white shirt, and insisted on wearing one of his dad’s ties.

“You’ll really be able to hear me, Mom,” he explained as we drove to school. “They’re only two bass players. That makes it kind of like a solo.”  Once on stage, he oozed excitement. So, I noticed, did everyone else. Most of the boys looked freshly combed and clean. The girls wore colorful spring dresses. The stage was brightly lit and the Student Art Service Committee had cheerfully decorated the auditorium. The concert itself was short, but celebratory, and included a lilting rendition of “Moonlight Tango” during which it did indeed sound like the basses were playing a solo.

Afterwards, my son asked, “Mom, why can’t we have more concerts?  They’re great!”

And I thought, he’s right!  Yes, let’s have more concerts! Let’s pause regularly from the routine of writing, working, and living, to celebrate our accomplishments and cheer each other on. Like playing the bass, the poems and stories we write are ultimately meant to be shared.  Last week, I did just that when I spent an afternoon sharing my writing journey with local seventh graders as part of a Careers in the Arts Day. It was fantastic to read and discuss poetry with live kids.  And this week, we clinked our lemonade glasses to celebrate the publication of my rhyming story “The Lemonade Band” in this month’s issue of Clubhouse Jr.

What about you? Isn’t it time for a little celebration? Do you have a piece that’s ready to be sent off? Well, send it off! Is there an opportunity to share your love of writing in your community? Well, share! Do you have a story or poem which has recently made its debut? Well, tell us about it! Let’s celebrate! More concerts, PLEASE!

11 thoughts on “More Concerts, PLEASE!

  1. *YES* to more concerts! Thank you for reminding me how wonderful they are. And that tie beat all. I can’t hear your son, but I can see the tie and it get a YES from me.

    • Thanks, all, for joining in the celebration. And, Mirka, that tie is our family’s favorite. It was a great honor for my son to get to wear it and he had to promise not to spill anything on it. =)

  2. I love this! Yes, yes, let’s celebrate =D
    I was part of a local writing group for years and one of the things we did best was celebrate. It really is important to stop for a moment and recognize our accomplishments.
    Congratulations on The Lemonade Band. It sounds like a fun piece!

  3. Yes! Let’s celebrate! Congratulations on your story in Clubhouse Jr. and your day with the seventh graders. And how adorable that your son borrowed his dad’s tie. I love it! Hooray for concerts! We recently got my daughter a piano but we’re still working on getting the lessons set up. In other news, my poem “Unwelcome to Opposite Island” is supposed to be published in the July issue of Highlights. That will be my first work to appear in print!

    • Congratulations, Diana! How exciting! And, Ruth, it’s great that your writing group is so good at celebrating. It’s great to have support groups like that on our writing journeys.

  4. That’s wonderful about your son, Laura, and congrats on your story! I remember that one! My dragon acrostic poems are appearing in this month’s issue of Beyond Centauri (I think you saw that one a little while back–on the differences between Eastern and Western Dragons). I also have three haiku out this month in the summer issue of A Hundred Gourds, as well as one due out later this month in Notes from the Gean.

    And I agree–we need to remember to celebrate more!

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