SUMMERTIME CRAFT: Something to Buzz About

When I’m between projects or want to vary my writing, I sometimes make and write crafts for kids. Over the years, I had more than 50 crafts published, or accepted for publication at various magazines including Highlights for Children, Pack-O-Fun, FamilyFun and Clubhouse Jr.

To be successful, crafts must be simple with clear, step-by step instructions. They also need a hook- something fresh and different to make them stand out from the rest. Most of the crafts I’ve sold have had some purpose beyond their cuteness. Many have doubled as games or holiday decorations. Most take some seemingly ordinary items like bottle caps or old margarine lids and repurpose them in a fresh, fun way.

When I sign that first picture book contract, I look forward to generating a whole collection of crafts and activities to accompany my picture book. What a treat those will be to write!

In the meantime here’s a fun craft that first appeared in the April 2009 issue of Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr. So, if you’re interested in making crafts with your kids, or want to delve into writing crafts yourself, check it out. I’ll also take this opportunity to recommend the magazine Clubhouse Jr.  It’s a top-notch Christian magazine for ages 3 – 7 that’s chock full of stories, poems, crafts and articles.

Have fun!

10 thoughts on “SUMMERTIME CRAFT: Something to Buzz About

  1. What a cute craft, Laura. I enjoy coming up with craft projects, as well. Though I do seem to go in spurts. I haven’t made anything in a while, but once I pull all of my materials out, I usually go a little crazy and make a whole bunch of things before I have to put it all away again. What a great idea to develop crafts that will complement your book. Hope that day comes soon for you =)

  2. I’m kind of in awe of this, Laura. Although I write all sorts of fiction, plunging into novels and short stories without fear, the thought of coming up with a single craft project paralyzes me. And you’ve done 50 of them! Different people have different skills, I guess. Good for you!

  3. What a cute craft! My kids love things like that. My seven-year-old likes to make up her own crafts. She made a kite the other day. Laura, I often come across your great crafts in magazines!

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