PUPPY LOVE: Thoughts on Reading with my Reluctant Reader

Lately, our cockapoo, Sophie, has been joining my daughter and me for storytime. She thinks she’s one of  “the girls” and snuggles right in. At first I thought she might be a distraction since my daughter struggles with reading and would rather be doing ANYTHING else. However, she’s turned out to be a real asset.

For starters, when Sophie curls up with us, story time is extra warm and cozy – perfect for bedtime! Because she likes being with us, she’s also very still and relaxed. This makes my daughter calm and relaxed as well. Now instead of my having to remind my daughter to settle down for stories, she reminds me!

Sophie is also remarkably attentive. She perks her ears and looks like she’s listening. Sometimes she even pokes her nose right into the book. “Is Sophie learning to read?” my daughter asks. “Maybe,” I answer, “but you certainly are!”

Since Sophie has joined us for story time, my daughter’s reading skills have improved. In seeming leaps and bounds she’s advanced past early readers, to early chapter books. Now we’re taking turns reading paragraphs from THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE series. I can’t wait to see what she picks next. Whatever it is, I know Sophie will enjoy it. So will I.

Hooray for dogs who like to read. Hooray for books. And hooray for little girls who are learning to read.

16 thoughts on “PUPPY LOVE: Thoughts on Reading with my Reluctant Reader

  1. Hooray for Sophie! She is a good teacher. I work as a ‘teacher’ too! Mom and I go to Read-to-a-Pet-Night at the public library every couple of weeks. Since I am a certified therapy dog, I know how to sit nicely while kids (Mom calls them ‘reluctant readers’) read stories to me. It is SO much fun for all of us. I especially love when they read stories about dogs. Cat stories, not so much. After the story, we get to cuddle for a bit before the next reader comes in. Keep up the good work, Sophie! xo

    Love and licks,

  2. That’s great, Laura! Yet another reason to love dogs. I’m so glad Sophie is helping your daughter to read! And I love the picture 🙂

  3. Yes and yes! There is a library programme that does this…in Calgary it is called Buddy Tales…I think? Anyhow, people bring their dogs in and kids read to them, the dogs, in various parts of the library. Sounds to me like Sophie would be a great fit. Way to go to her and your daughter…and you! Gotta love team work!

  4. That’s awesome–sounds like some great mother-daughter-puppy bonding time. Have you and your daughter seen the delightful picture book Rocket Learns to Read? That’s what her comment about Sophie learning to read reminded me of.

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