Sometimes poetry pops up in the oddest spots. Last week it tumbled through my mail slot masquerading as a collection of coupons from Target. You probably got it in your mailbox too. (Just in case you didn’t, I snapped a shot for you of this cleverly disguised collection of haiku poems.)

While purists might frown at this commercial use of poetry, it provided my kids and me the perfect excuse to drop everything and read. “What’s haiku?” my eleven-year-old wanted to know right away. I explained, using the inside cover of the coupon booklet. Then he and my seven-year-old took turns reading straight through the haiku-pons. They counted out syllables. They giggled over funny turns of phrase. My son even found a metaphor or two.

Then, inspired by coupons, they sat down to pen a few haiku of their own. Here  are their poems for your reading pleasure:

breakfast is yummy

hot apple muffins baking

steamy cocoa love

A., age 7 (and mom)

a pink rose blooming

picked by a girl in a hat

to put in a vase

A., age 7

that sophie wophie

my favorite puppy dog

soft black furry ball

W., age 11

Not shabby for a seize-the-moment summer writing activity using poems found amongst coupons of all things! Maybe your kids would like to write some too. Thank you, Target, for inspiring a fun afternoon of creativity.


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