Thoughts on “Sandy”

This damp cold Sunday afternoon marks the start of our seventh night without heat, electricity, hot water, or  internet. Though our little town was thankfully spared the awful flooding that damaged so many communities in the path of “Sandy”, we were not spared damage from high winds which toppled hundreds of trees and power lines.

Walking my neighborhood, I still see downed power lines and houses with crushed roofs and porches. I hear the roar and smell the exhaust from generators of those able to find gasoline to fill them.

For sure, it has been stressful.  We’ve been cold and uncomfortable.  Nerves are a little raw. Still, all in all, my overwhelming emotion is thankfulness.  For despite the discomfort of the cold and inconvenience of lack of utilities, we are safe.  What’s more, these challenging days have brought out the best in so many.  I’m thankful for my next door neighbors who have generously shared with us their refrigerator and the warmth of their furnace, both of which are hooked up to their generator.  I’m thankful for another neighbor who distributed firewood from his pile so everyone on the block could have warm fires in their fireplaces. I’m thankful for friends with hot water who have offered us hot showers. I’m thankful that we have a natural gas stove and that our dark kitchen has been able to serve as the cooking station for several families.  I’m thankful for daily gatherings with family and friends and the mutual comfort and encouragement we’ve been able to offer each other.  Most of all, I’m thankful for God, my never-ending source of strength, sustenance and comfort.  Even in the darkest, coldest of times, His power is everlasting.

Blessings to all and I hope that wherever you are, you feel God’s presence, in the aftermath of this terrible storm.


33 thoughts on “Thoughts on “Sandy”

  1. I’m so thankful you’re safe. It’s amazing how in the midst of trouble and storms, we can be thankful! Thanks for sharing your testimony. I’m still praying for your family.

  2. Laura – Our power came on last night after 5 days. Today I am just flooded with emotions – nerves are still raw, laundry has been churning all day, school is still out tomorrow, but we are safe, undamaged, thankful, and so overwhelmed by the tragedy. All good and bad emotions are just right at the surface now. I don’t know how far you are, but our house is open to you!

  3. SO glad you are safe, Laura. Wonderful to hear how your community has pulled together in this difficult time. I hope you get your power back soon, but as you said, you and your family are okay, and that’s what matters most.

  4. Hang in there, Laura. We got power back in the middle of last night. We also thanked God a lot, and empathized with the people who had it much worse. We rejoiced on Day 4 to fine a laundromat that had power and free wifi! You’ll be in my prayers.

  5. Hi Laura- I’m so glad you and your family are OK. I hope you get your power back soon. It’s wonderful and affirming that your neighbors are able to pull together in this difficult situation. All my best to you.

  6. Laura, we talked as we were both preparing for the storm, but I never imagined THIS. The devastation in NJ is…well…there are no words adequate enough. We were without power since Monday evening and just got back on the grid this afternoon. I am thankful I have my home and that it appears to be undamaged. We lost a few trees and power but that is nothing compared to the people who lost homes and lives. Some people don’t even have property to rebuild on because the land was swept away. I have learned a lot from this storm and I’m thankful for the experience. It really demonstrates how fragile we all are and makes you grateful for all that we have.

  7. So many things to be thankful for Laura. I’m so glad you are surrounded by people who are personally “shining” in the midst of these dark and cold days and nights. It’s good to keep our hearts warm by helping and sharing. Hoping for a speedy return to normalcy for you and yours.

  8. I am so glad you are ok, Laura! It’s quite an ordeal, but how lucky you are to have such wonderful neighbors and friends.

  9. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments. We are still, unfortunately, without power, but my heart breaks when I see the pictures the communities by the shore from New Jersey to New York to Connecticut, where lives have been lost and whole communities destroyed. Pray for them. I am.

  10. Laura, your post makes the storm a reality in my Midwest community, which is untouched by the damage but not numb to the devastation we’ve heard about from a distance. Our prayers are with you and your neighbors. So glad you’re safe.

  11. Laura, Just discovered you thanks to Twitter and had to say hello. We had a very similar Sandy experience as we live in Bergen County where we were without power for 10 days but… overwhelming grateful for what we did have. And on a much lighter note, we also have a cockapoo. Love it when the internet brings together people with similar stories 🙂

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