Passing along a little sunshine…


It’s a cold, dreary, slushy week here in my neck of the woods, so I’m grateful for any sunshine that comes my way. This week it’s come in the unexpected form of a fun prize. Barbara Bockman has kindly passed along the Sunshine Blogger Award which celebrates “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. Thank you, Barbara!

The prize protocol is to answer several questions about myself and then to spread the sunshine by passing the award along to others whose blogs inspire me positively and creatively. So here goes:

Favorite color: I love any shade of blue.
Favorite animal: Hmmm… that’s hard to say. I love watching all our backyard creatures including chipmunks, rabbits, and finches.
Favorite drink: English breakfast tea, steeped loose, with a splash of whole milk.
Passions:  faith,  family, and writing
Favorite day: I love Monday because the whole week is still ahead of me full of possibility and promise.
Favorite flowers: long stemmed perennials like peonies, daisies, echinacea, and zinnias

And now here are three bloggers I nominate for the Sunshine Award:

For a blog that encourages my spiritual side, I nominate Becky Kopitzke at for her inspiring posts about faith and motherhood.

For a blog that inspires the picture book lover in me, I nominate Carrie Finison at for her thoughtful peeks into great picture books, always from a writer’s perspective, as well as her writerly musings.

Finally, for a blog that cultivates my poetic side, I nominate Renee LaTulippe  at for her amazing, and growing, video library of children’s poets reading original poems, each accompanied by a fun interview and extension activities.


9 thoughts on “Passing along a little sunshine…

  1. Aw, thank you Laura! You made my day, and we could use a little sunshine over here, too. 🙂

    I always enjoy your inspiring and supportive posts about writing, even more so now as I dig in and try to get “serious” about this PB business. Keep ’em coming.

    P.S. And how can you go wrong with daisies and bunnies?

  2. Congratulations!
    Monday, huh? That is the most optimistic reasoning to like Monday I have ever heard. I’m going to say that to myself for a few weeks to see I can lull myself into believing I like Monday too.

  3. Laura!!! Thank you SO much for passing the sunshine my way! What a treat. I’m honored – and obviously a couple days behind on catching up on my own favorite blogs. Ever have a week where you just can’t keep up? So your sunshine award is especially encouraging today. Blessings from Wisconsin!

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