WINTER CRAFT: Coin Rub Valentines

valen-dimeI like making and writing crafts for many reasons. As a writer, I find they are a nice change of pace from my other projects. As a former teacher, I feel they are a valuable and fun way to teach kids how to follow step-by step directions. Today’s craft can also be incorporated into a first or second grade math unit on money.

So, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, as well as reading, writing and math, here’s an easy Valentine made using paper, pencils, and coins.



Laura Sassi

What you need:

pink or red construction paper

thin white stationary paper

assorted coins

pencil, scissors, glue stick

How to make them:

Cut a small heart from thin white paper and a slightly larger heart from pink or red paper.

Place a penny, nickel, dime, or quarter under the heart and rub with the side of a sharpened pencil.  Use both sides of the coins and create enough rubbings to fill the heart.  Hint:  If the coin slips, secure it to the table with a small loop of masking tape.

Glue your coin-rubbed heart to the larger colored heart.

Write one of the following messages or make up your own.                                                    For pennies:  Liking you makes “cents”!                                                                                   For dimes:  Be my Valen-”dime”!                                                                                             For a combination:  “Coin” I be your Valentine?

As an extra treat, tape an actual penny, nickel or dime to each valentine!

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