April Fools’ Day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday Poem

No foolin’, tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my blog.  So, in celebration of reading, writing and life, here’s a poem about a little boy who knows that imagination is the best gift of all.  May the coming year, like the past, be full of imagination and inspiration.  Happy writing all!  (And a big thank you to my mom for her wonderful illustration!)



Laura Sassi

Ben got a bear

And a sleek shiny jet

And a stool with his name

And a little train set.


But what he liked best

Were the astronaut clothes

That he made from the boxes

And ribbons and bows.


In full cardboard armor

He gives a salute.

Then he’s off to the moon

In his new birthday suit.


18 thoughts on “April Fools’ Day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Congratulations, Laura! This post “illustrates” everything you’ve done so well with your blog. It’s always a pleasure to stop by for a visit. Here’s to another successful year and many more to come!

  2. Love that Ben, so much like mine! I remember how many hours my kids spent playing with covers of pots, or a lowly kitchen towel… I wondered why we ever bought toys.
    You did a bang-up job with the poem too, you one-year blogger! Here’s to ***many more***

  3. Reblogged this on Laura Sassi Tales and commented:

    It’s hard to believe, but today marks the start of my third year blogging! Two years ago, I shyly and rather nervously took my first baby steps into the blogging word (and social media in general). What I discovered was a wonderful community of people – writers, readers, parents, teachers – who share my love for picture books, poetry, and life! Thank you all for reading my blog! You are the best!

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