OLD FAVORITE: Cupcake and Sugar Pea

Since this months marks the one year anniversary of my blog, I thought I’d continue the celebration (and give myself a little extra family time this week) by re-posting one my favorite entries from last year.  Enjoy!

After school, instead of walking home, my seven-year-old has taken to riding — horseback riding, that is. She alternates between two imaginary horses — Cupcake and Sugar Pea. Her horses trot and canter. They gallop and run like the wind.

Actually, that’s not quite true. Cupcake runs like the wind. Sugar Pea is a little slower. She prefers to stop and smell the clover. Cupcake, by contrast, loves jumping over imaginary fences, the wind whipping at her mane. Their styles are so different, I never have to ask my daughter which horse she’s chosen. I just say, “Wow, Cupcake’s fast!” or “What does Sugar Pea think of the lilacs?”

I’m a lot like my daughter. I write best when I have at least two projects going at once. For example, right now I’m working on two very different picture books, several poems and a handful of blog posts. And, just as my daughter alternates ponies, based on mood, I alternate projects, based on interest, deadlines, or variety. Not only does this keep my writing fresh, it allows the pieces I’m not working on to rest, so that I can return to them with new eyes.

Keeping several horses in the stable, keeps me energized and happy as a writer. It also reduces writer’s block because I always have something in process. If one piece isn’t working, I simply take out another horse for the day. What about you? Are you a one-horse writer or do you prefer to keep several horses in your stable?

11 thoughts on “OLD FAVORITE: Cupcake and Sugar Pea

  1. Cute analogy! I guess I like to have one main project and another project to go to when I need a break from the major project. 🙂

  2. Well now! I am a multi horse stable…and yet when I was little I only had one imaginary horse who I galloped through the fields and mountains. Great post Laura, thanks for sharing. Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Laura! I love how you tie in your family life to your writing. It’s authentic and meaningful. I’m a one-horse writer, whereby I try to polish a piece as best as I can, then when I can’t do any better, I revisit other earlier stories that didn’t work the first time, or start a new one.

  4. Hey, Laura!

    Happy Blog Anniversary! And, I remember this post from when you originally posted it! I love the way the words “Cupcake” and “Snow Pea” sound. So cute. 🙂

  5. Nice analogy, Laura! Love the picture too. I definitely like to have multiple entries underway at the same time. That way writing is relaxing and fun, and I am not worried about writer’s block with a deadline. Happy A!

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