OLD FAVORITE: Cupcake and Sugar Pea

Since this months marks the one year anniversary of my blog, I thought I’d continue the celebration (and give myself a little extra family time this week) by re-posting one my favorite entries from last year.  Enjoy!

After school, instead of walking home, my seven-year-old has taken to riding — horseback riding, that is. She alternates between two imaginary horses — Cupcake and Sugar Pea. Her horses trot and canter. They gallop and run like the wind.

Actually, that’s not quite true. Cupcake runs like the wind. Sugar Pea is a little slower. She prefers to stop and smell the clover. Cupcake, by contrast, loves jumping over imaginary fences, the wind whipping at her mane. Their styles are so different, I never have to ask my daughter which horse she’s chosen. I just say, “Wow, Cupcake’s fast!” or “What does Sugar Pea think of the lilacs?”

I’m a lot like my daughter. I write best when I have at least two projects going at once. For example, right now I’m working on two very different picture books, several poems and a handful of blog posts. And, just as my daughter alternates ponies, based on mood, I alternate projects, based on interest, deadlines, or variety. Not only does this keep my writing fresh, it allows the pieces I’m not working on to rest, so that I can return to them with new eyes.

Keeping several horses in the stable, keeps me energized and happy as a writer. It also reduces writer’s block because I always have something in process. If one piece isn’t working, I simply take out another horse for the day. What about you? Are you a one-horse writer or do you prefer to keep several horses in your stable?

11 thoughts on “OLD FAVORITE: Cupcake and Sugar Pea”

  1. Cute analogy! I guess I like to have one main project and another project to go to when I need a break from the major project. 🙂

  2. Well now! I am a multi horse stable…and yet when I was little I only had one imaginary horse who I galloped through the fields and mountains. Great post Laura, thanks for sharing. Happy anniversary!

  3. We’re overrun with horses over here! Mom loves working on lots of ideas at once, side-by-side. I think your daughter chose the PERFECT name for her fast horse….

    Love and licks,

  4. Happy Anniversary, Laura! I love how you tie in your family life to your writing. It’s authentic and meaningful. I’m a one-horse writer, whereby I try to polish a piece as best as I can, then when I can’t do any better, I revisit other earlier stories that didn’t work the first time, or start a new one.

  5. Hey, Laura!

    Happy Blog Anniversary! And, I remember this post from when you originally posted it! I love the way the words “Cupcake” and “Snow Pea” sound. So cute. 🙂

  6. Nice analogy, Laura! Love the picture too. I definitely like to have multiple entries underway at the same time. That way writing is relaxing and fun, and I am not worried about writer’s block with a deadline. Happy A!

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