MOTHER’S DAY CRAFT: Tea for Two and Book Marks Too!

IMG_0302As class parent for my daughter’s second grade class, I wanted to put together a Mother’s Day craft that was purposeful, unique, and easy-to-make. That’s a tall order, but almost immediately my art-loving eight year old said, “What about watercolor book marks?” And I answered, “Great idea!”

For fun, we decided each kid will make not one, but two, bookmarks, matching in every way except for size. For gift-giving pizazz, we’re packaging them in clear cellophane bags tied with ribbon. The package will include two tea bags along with a pre-printed poem.

Mother’s Day is still a week away, but I have feeling these will be a colorful hit. So be our guest and make your own.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother/Child Book Marks (with Tea)

What you need:

thick watercolor paper cut into mother-sized and child-sized book marks

watercolors and brushes             jars or cups with water for rinsing brushes

assorted colored and textured yarn     pencil or pen (for note on back)

hole puncher        tea bags             clear gift bags and printed gift tag (see poem below)

How to make them:

First, have each child write a sweet note on the back of the “mother-sized” book mark.  Then have them sign their names and date each book mark.

Second, have the children place the book marks side by side and right side up.  Then using watercolors paint have them paint matching designs on both.  (Tip:  Encourage children to rinse brush in water between colors so book mark colors don’t get “muddy”.)

Once the paint has dried, punch a hole in the bottom of the book mark. Loop, then tie, several colorful yarn or ribbon strands for the tassel.

Finally, have the kids place their mother/child bookmarks, along with two bags of tea, in a clear cellophane gift bag.  Tie the bags shut with festive ribbon along with an optional pre-printed tag using the poem below.

It’s Mother’s Day


Let’s find a spot

To read today.

Side by side,

Just you and me

With book marks

And two cups of tea!



Child’s name

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