IMG_2173Last week I received a beautiful signed copy of Linda Strachan’s picture book WHAT COLOUR IS LOVE? First published in 2004, it’s the darling story of a little elephant who asks his jungle friends what color love is. No answer, however, seems quite complete until his mother chimes in. I don’t want to spoil the end, except to say it’s charming. Delightful as the story is, my copy has an extra special twist – it’s in Portuguese!

There’s a neat bit of back story here. I first learned of Linda Strachan and her delightful QUAL É A COR DO AMOR (that’s the Portuguese title and doesn’t it just roll off the tongue divinely) at Picture Book Den, a top-notch blog written by an independent group of picture book authors from Britain and Ireland. They post twice weekly on topics that are all picture book related. Last October Linda Strachan posted a piece about how over the years several of her books (and she has published some 50+ books for all age levels) have been translated into other languages including French, Portuguese and Irish Gaelic. In celebration of the 10th edition of the Portuguese edition of WHAT COLOUR IS LOVE, Linda offered a giveaway.  All one had to do was comment, which I did.  I requested a Portuguese edition because my father, who grew up in Brazil, speaks it fluently.

But October ended badly here with Hurricane Sandy and we were without power for over a week.  By the time our power returned, I was in forward motion and didn’t ever check back to see if I’d won the giveaway. Then, a few weeks ago, I was again reading a Picture Book Den post by Linda Strachan and again I commented.  She recognized my name and got in touch with me.  Long story short, I am now the grateful recipient of a Portuguese edition of Linda’s lovely picture book.  My parents are visiting for a few days and listening to my father read it to my children has been LOVE-FILLED music to my ears.  Thank you, Linda, for spreading the love and following up with me!

For more about Linda and her impressive collection of published books visit her website.


8 thoughts on “SPREADING A LITTLE WRITERLY LOVE: Thank you, Linda Strachan!

  1. Congratualtions, Laura! Looks like a beautiful book. I didn’t know your father grew up in Brazil. Can I just say, I am a HUGE bossa nova fan! I visited Brazil when I was younger and it made a big impression on me. How lovely that your kids can hear your dad read it in Portuguese!

  2. How beautiful your children can listen to Portuguese! I just learned something new about you! Do you speak any?

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