Picking Raspberries: Thoughts on Summer Writing

IMG_2185It’s picking time again, so every afternoon the kids and I have been walking  up the street to a wild raspberry patch we discovered a couple of years ago.  The raspberries in this patch are small, but their flavor is intense. My son calls them nature’s candy.

They’re also popular with the local birds so each day there are only a few berries available to pick. But, even in this culture where “more” is perceived as “better”, my kids understand that part of what makes these berries special is their scarcity. Each day we eat only a few and we savor each one.

Summertime writing is a lot like raspberry picking for me.  That’s because from the end of June until after Labor Day my kids will be on break from school. Time to write will be at a premium. Each day, like raspberries, I’m going to pick a few precious moments to write. Some mornings I’ll rise early and write on the porch before the kids get up. Other days, I may squeeze in a writing session at the pool or during tennis lessons. Some nights I’ll squeeze in a burst of writing time after the kids are in bed again. These times will be short, but they will be intense and I will savor each and every one.

Happy Summer writing, everyone!

18 thoughts on “Picking Raspberries: Thoughts on Summer Writing

  1. When I was a kid my grandma took us to pick blackberries. There was a long patch right beside the school track. To this day, I’m always excited to see berry patches! =)

  2. I’m so glad you shared this, Laura. I’ve been struggling this summer since my oldest got out of school three weeks ago and nap times for the little one are now one-on-one time with my big girl. Add to that the interesting development of later bedtimes (and fighting bedtimes) and my evening writing hour has been chipped away to non-existent. It’s discouraging, and yet I dearly want to savor this time with my kids. It’s a tough balance, and I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

  3. Hey, Laura!

    I here ya! Even though my son is older now and spends a lot of time with his friends and doing his own thing, I find it difficult to find my focus to write in the summer. There are so many distractions–the nice weather being one of them! lol

    I also have a couple of blueberry plants in my backyard and the berries are huge–some the size of small grapes, and they are DELICIOUS! The plants are also getting pretty big, so we do get quite a few blueberries over the summer, but I also have to be careful because the birds are always after them.

    Last year, we were away for a week, and wouldn’t you know it, when we came back ALL of the remaining blueberries had ripened and been eaten. Anyhow, they have just started ripening within the last week so we should have some for a little while.

    I know summer is well under way, and I hope you and your family are enjoying every moment of it! It’s been a very hot and humid summer here so far–but it’s supposed to be cooler from here on out, thank goodness! 🙂

    • Mmm… those blueberries sound delicious. Sounds like you’re having a similar summer to ours – hot and humid – but good. Hope you are able to find at least a few precious moments to write. =)

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