RAINY DAY CRAFT: Chopstick Pick Up Sticks

On rainy days my kids and I enjoy making  crafts that are also games. Here’s a fun one to make with your kids using chopsticks and paint. Enjoy!

Chopstick Pick Up Sticks


Laura Sassi

Transform chopsticks into gamesticks with this fun craft!

1.Without breaking them apart, lightly sand ten pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks so that no splintery edges remain.

2. While they are connected, paint the chopsticks.  Decorate each pair so that it looks different from the rest.

3. When dry, gently snap each pair of chopsticks apart to make twenty pick up sticks.

4. To play the game, hold all twenty chopsticks upright in your fist.   Then let go so that they scatter slightly.   Take turns picking up the sticks one by one.  If you pick a stick without moving the others, keep it.  Otherwise put it back and let your friend have a turn.  The player with the most sticks win.  For added challenge, give yourself an extra point for each matching pair you have at the end of the game.  After playing, tie your sticks together for safekeeping with yarn or ribbon.


3 thoughts on “RAINY DAY CRAFT: Chopstick Pick Up Sticks

  1. I just gave my sister-in-law a big sack of wooden chopsticks that always come with our take-out delivery meals! Would’ve been perfect! I’ll have to remember this!

  2. The simplest games are the best, I think. Pick-up sticks and jacks were two of my favorites when I was a kid. I’m glad you mentioned them here (love the craft idea, too), ’cause I was thinking to use these type things as good distractions when the brain needs a respite from other things, like writing, etc., and it’s UN-PLUGGED, which I love 🙂

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