APPLES and SNOWFLAKES: Thoughts on Routine and Renewal

IMG_0607Earlier this fall, when snowflakes and snowstorms still seemed ages away, my husband and I took the kids apple picking.  This hadn’t been part of our original plan.  No, we’d already decided that this particular three-day weekend would be dedicated to painting the porch and cleaning house. But the more we worked, the more endless the jobs seemed to be. By Sunday night, the porch had been prepped, but not painted. The house was cleaner in spots, but several rooms still needed attention. The jobs needed to be finished, certainly, but we also needed a break.

So, when Monday morning dawned crisp and gorgeous my husband suggested a special family outing to pick apples. Arriving early, we had the orchard to ourselves. Jonathans, Golden Delicious, and  Fujis dangled before our eyes, just begging to be picked.

When our baskets were full we paid up and headed home. On the drive, we brainstormed all the delicious ways we could serve up those apples – apple pie, apple crumble, apple muffins, applesauce, apple pudding, apple tart. “Don’t forget just plain apple.” my son added, as crunch, he took a big bite of freshly picked perfection.

Finishing up our to-list seemed easier, somehow, after our refreshing outing. We felt revived and renewed and for weeks we enjoyed a delectable array of apple treats.

As writers, we, too, can benefit from taking breaks from our routine to recharge. Apple-picking outings, snow days, museum days – all have great renewing magic. Come to think of it, some of my favorite pieces have come to me – almost effortlessly – after I let go of routine and took time to be renewed with family, friends, or alone.

And now, with a thick blanket of fresh snow, I think it’s the perfect time to put away the lap top, pull on my warmest hat, mittens, and boots and head outside with my kids for some much anticipated sledding and snow fort building!

What will you do this week to recharge your writerly battery?  Happy writing and renewing, all!


11 thoughts on “APPLES and SNOWFLAKES: Thoughts on Routine and Renewal

  1. I accompanied our family on an outing to a sledding place in the mountains. (My photos are on Facebook.) It is nice to take a break from the laptop and get fresh air! I’m already back into daily writing.

  2. I am going to recharge my writing brain first with a trip to the gym and then back to Jane Yolen’s good ole B.I.C., butt in chair. 🙂

  3. My memory of raspberry-picking with my mother and my mother’s cousin is a precious one, and I wasn’t a kid then. I regret not doing something like it with my kids. Maybe we still could, as they are younger than I was when…

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