WINTER CRAFT: Valentine Tea Bags

Tea Bag Valentine

HAPPY SNOW DAY! School’s canceled for the day in my neck of the woods due to an impending snow storm.  Perfect weather for a winter craft. Here’s a simple one your kids might enjoy making. It’s great for letter and reading skills too!

Valentine Tea Bags


Laura Sassi

Unscramble this “tea”rrific valentine!

Gather 16 tea bags with strings.  Use scrap paper to create a heart pattern that fits over the tea bag tabs.   Use this heart pattern, to trace and cut four hearts from red paper. Then trace and cut three hearts each from white, blue, purple, and pink paper.  You should have 16 hearts total.

Arrange the hearts by color.  Use one color for each word.  Use one heart for each letter to spell the following: YOU ARE “TEA” BEST MOM!

Glue one heart one to each tea bag tab.  Let dry.

Mix the letters and arrange in Mom’s favorite tea cup or mug.  Garnish with tissue paper and place at Mom’s favorite spot for morning tea.


To unscramble, arrange the hearts by color.  Then arrange the letters.

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