THE MAGIC OF SMALL MOMENTS: Thoughts on a Mama Robin


Recently, I was moved by a post written by G.R. LeBlanc on “The Magic of Small Moments” in which she challenged her readers to pause and appreciate the little moments that, in the big picture, make life meaningful.  That got me thinking that I, too, need to be intentional about enjoying those little magical moments. So everyday since reading her post, I’ve been pausing to reflect on the little joys that come my way.

For example, all winter I’ve noticed a mama robin hovering outside my kitchen window on a nearby lilac bush.  She should be in Florida with the rest of her kind, but here she is. My husband thinks she must be protecting her empty nest.  (Actually, she’s just now been rejoined by her species, but that’s a new springy development.)

Whenever I see her, I think of motherly love. I think about how much I love my children and how much my mother loved me.  And looking back on my mother’s case and her mother’s case, for that matter, I see that this love continued long after the children left home. My mother’s love demonstrated itself in a thousand different ways – a thoughtful phone call, the tear shed at the end of every visit (since our grown up relationship was always long distance), an unexpected envelope in the mail full coupons so I could select a new outfit at a savings, the list goes on and on.

I feel a little teary now when I see that bird because until I stopped to write this post I didn’t realize how much back thought I was placing on that little bird.  And to think, I would never have even realized the richness of this connection –  bird and motherhood – had I not taken time to savor the simple joy of seeing a mama robin hovering outside my kitchen window.

If you haven’t stopped to savor the simple things in a while, may I suggest you do that today?  And once your eye has caught sight of something, take time write about it.  Is there some unexplored back thought waiting to be uncovered that will enrich your day, as that mama robin has enriched mine?  I hope so.

In the meantime, the mama bird in me, is going to write a special love note to tuck into my children’s lunch bags today.

Happy writing and reflecting all!


11 thoughts on “THE MAGIC OF SMALL MOMENTS: Thoughts on a Mama Robin

  1. A lovely post, Laura! I feel a little teary now too. Like you, I’ve been trying to savor the small moments more. Someone suggested a ‘thankful box’ to me and I’ve been writing on slips of paper about those small moments I treasure and things I’m grateful for. The idea is to then go back and read then at the end of the year.

  2. Beautiful, Laura. This post reminds me of the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. Have you read it? I have one chapter left. It, too, reminds us to write down the small things we’re thankful each day.

      • Yes, Laura, you’ll love it. It’s been on the NYTimes best seller list for at least a year. Ann is a wonderful Christian writer, very lyrical in her writing, lives in Canada, writes for Zondervan as well.

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