IMG_2904I love peanut butter, especially slathered on a slice of toasted whole grain bread.  It’s tasty, but even more pertinent to my point today, it’s sticky! That inherent stickiness makes it ideal for securing tasty add-ons like cranberries, dried apricots, and apple chunks. My kids like it too because it turns eating into art! Take a look, for example, at the tasty, yet artistic, peanut butterfly we made using two small slices of sourdough bread, peanut butter, and an assortment of edible delights.

I challenge you, however, to try and get apple bits or cranberries to stay put on plain old bread. It doesn’t work! Without the peanut butter they just roll off.

As a writer, I firmly believe that peanut butter is to bread what the pen is to paper. That’s why, as a writer, I always bring  my peanut butter, a.k.a. pen,  and a nice compact loaf of bread, a.k.a. notebook, wherever I go. I usually stuff these essentials in a pocket or stash them in my purse. Actually, it really doesn’t matter how I carry them, as long they are easily accessible, so that when cranberries, a.k.a tasty bits of inspiration, hit me, I can quickly, take out my peanut butter and capture the goodness onto the bread before it rolls away and disappears forever.

Anyone else like to carry peanut butter and bread around?

Happy slathering, er writing, all!

9 thoughts on “THE PEANUT BUTTER PRINCIPLE: Getting Ideas to Stick

  1. Cute analogy, Laura! Your sticky peanut butter reminds me of Korean rice. Ever eaten it? It’s very sticky, unlike Chinese rice. So when I make fried rice, usually, the tiny veggies stick right in. hehe

  2. Laura, I smiled as I read this. I can always count on a Monday post from you relating some everyday occurrence in nature (or the kitchen) to writing. You’re so good at that!
    As for the PB and bread, I am guilty of going without them sometimes, especially when I go on my daily walk. And that’s when I get the best ideas! I’ll go right now and put a small notebook and stubby pencil in my jacket pocket…

  3. Definitely! My peanut butter and sourdough are both in my iPhone. Since I’m never more than a foot away from my phone, it’s always within grabbing and jotting reach. Without it, I’d sit in front of my computer each day saying, “Hmmmmm….”

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