SPOTLIGHT: Cards by Martha South

My mother's cards on display in Lexington, VA.

Some Martha South originals recently on display in Lexington, VA.

After years of delighting family and friends with her one-of-a-kind bird cards, my mother finally decided a couple of years ago to act on her dream to start a card business.  She and my sister were just in the process of making this dream a reality when my mom got sick. Throughout her illness, she and my sister, nonetheless, pursued this dream, and had just selected five cards to launch the business when my mom passed away.

IMG_1599_2Now, in memory and honor of our beloved mother, my sister has created a website featuring my mother’s beautiful cards. My sister, Dad, and I would be most delighted if you would pop on over to for a peek. They are also available at a small, but growing, number of independent card shops. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT: Cards by Martha South

  1. Laura, your mother’s cards are so appealing! I’m sure your mother would’ve loved that this was done, and I’m sure you and your sister feel gratified in being able to to make this happen 🙂

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