April Fools’ Day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It’s hard to believe, but today marks the start of my third year blogging! Two years ago, I shyly and rather nervously took my first baby steps into the blogging word (and social media in general). What I discovered was a wonderful community of people – writers, readers, parents, teachers – who share my love for picture books, poetry, and life! Thank you all for reading my blog! You are the best!

Laura Sassi Tales

Happy Birthday Poem

No foolin’, tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my blog.  So, in celebration of reading, writing and life, here’s a poem about a little boy who knows that imagination is the best gift of all.  May the coming year, like the past, be full of imagination and inspiration.  Happy writing all!  (And a big thank you to my mom for her wonderful illustration!)



Laura Sassi

Ben got a bear

And a sleek shiny jet

And a stool with his name

And a little train set.


But what he liked best

Were the astronaut clothes

That he made from the boxes

And ribbons and bows.


In full cardboard armor

He gives a salute.

Then he’s off to the moon

In his new birthday suit.

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12 thoughts on “April Fools’ Day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

  1. I remember when Martha did this card, and the way my grandson’s best birthday gift was his imagination. Thanks for reminding me. Dad

  2. A lot can happen in two years! Happy Blogversary, Laura 🙂 And now, having seen your mom’s work, I recognized this was hers even before you mentioned it 😀 The poem and illustration are the perfect pair. Love them! 😀

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