15, 14, 13…. The Countdown for GOODNIGHT, ARK is on!

IMG_0727With 15 days to go until GOODNIGHT, ARK officially releases, I’ve been busy getting ready. Who knew there would be so much to do! Well, I guess veteran authors would know, but this is my first release day. Here are just a few of the things I’ve had on my to-do list:

1. Finalize my blog tour. Answer Q&A’s, write guest blog posts, confirm dates etc.

2. Order craft supplies for my launch event on August 5th. I found an AWESOME Noah’s ark sticker activity that the kids are going to LOVE while their parents stand in line to get their books signed.

3. Strategize how best to use the stunning bookmarks the Zonderkidz  marketing team created to help promote the book. (Pictured above!)

4. Name the adorable skunk puppet I got to accompany me on book signings and school visits.  My kid’s think “Stinky” suits him best. Thoughts?IMG_0728

5. Brainstorm and then write extension activities and crafts for teachers/parents to use after reading GOODNIGHT, ARK.

6. Set up a Skype account and then practicing using it so I’m ready to go on a virtual blog tour to classrooms everywhere this fall!

7. Bake cookies with my daughter so we can have pairs of animal cookies, wrapped in cellophane, to hand out to family and friends as part of  the “book birthday” celebration. This task is 100% my daughter’s idea. Isn’t she sweet and artistic?photo 2

8. Promote my upcoming events with flyers and posters. (Thank you, Zonderkidz team, for making these a reality!)

9. Remember to BREATHE and ENJOY the process…  





34 thoughts on “15, 14, 13…. The Countdown for GOODNIGHT, ARK is on!

  1. You’ve been busy! How fun though. If you need practicing with Skype, you can always Skype with me 🙂 Stinky is a perfect name for a skunk. And I like your daughter’s sugar cookies. I love baking and decorating, too.

  2. It’s a huge job launching a book, isn’t it? You sound so organized. I think Stinky suits your skunk puppet as well. All the best for your release and launch of GOODNIGHT, ARK, Laura!

  3. Oh my gosh, Laura! How exciting! Congratulations and good luck on the blog tour and classroom visits! You must be on cloud 9. And, I love the cookies and the puppet idea. Too cute! Maybe the French word for skunk would be cute, too? Moufette. 🙂

  4. Wow! You have lots to do but it sounds like you’ve got a plan! Stinky is cute! If you really want suggestions besides Stinky, here are a few-Stripey, Stripe, Oreo, P.U. or Pee-yoo, Whiff, Stinker, Sweet Pea. Or something like Frank that isn’t necessarily skunky. Oh, that’s another one-Skunky.
    The bookmarks are beautimous!!!
    And the cookies are soooo adorable. What a great idea your daughter had! They’re perfect!
    Good luck with all of it!

  5. Oh, forgot to mention (along with your impressive list of things to do!) that although I like Stinky it feels kind of “ordinary” to me. Maybe something subtly different with more personality like Stinker? Or L’il Stinker? Or get even more creative with names like Stinkerby or Stinkles or Stinkykins (Stinky Kins) or Stinkmeister or Stinky Bink or Stinky Cake or Stinky Pants or Mr. Stinky/Stinker/Stink-something or other lol …anything playing on the “stink” word 🙂

  6. What an awesome plan!! You are going to be busy. At least you don’t have “build life size ark in my backyard” as one of the items. 🙂

    And the bookmarks are stunning.

  7. So exciting! I can’t wait! Love that you’ll have a skunk puppet. The name “Mouffie” is great! Especially with the added French meaning. My daughter suggested “Arnold” and “Skipper”. What a fun thing to ponder! Thanks for sharing your list of preparations.

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