Cookies, cookies, cookies! (Inspired by GOODNIGHT, ARK)

photoMy nine year old has really embraced this whole book launch thing and joyfully declared this week that she wants to be a baker when she grows up.

IMG_3149And judging by these GOODNIGHT, ARK inspired animal cookies, I think she might very well do just that.  Though I would like to take credit, this project really is 100% hers.  All I did was mix the cookie dough, because stirring that is very hard, and I was in charge of the oven.  She researched how to make the frosting. She looked through GOODNIGHT, ARK and selected the animals she wanted to create. She rolled out the dough and cut the cookies. And she embellished each and everyone with superb artistic pizzazz.

In all, I think she’s spent close to 10 hours (not all at once) working on these cookies. And she’s not finished yet! She announced this morning that elephant shaped cookies are next in the production line.

And who will eat all these cookies? She plans to wrap them two by two in cellophane bags tied with colorful ribbon and hand them out to friends and neighbors. For now, though, they are going straight to the freezer until after GOODNIGHT, ARK officially releases on the 26th!IMG_3148IMG_3147


14 thoughts on “Cookies, cookies, cookies! (Inspired by GOODNIGHT, ARK)

  1. Beautiful job on the cookies!! I know one little girl who will be looking forward to the book release and her friend’s colorful cookies!!!

  2. Laura, Those cookies look like professional cookies. Can you attach a tag with a picture of the book and relevant info for the launch/sales? I love that she wrapped them up two by two. You have some extremely talented people in your family. P.s. Amazon sent me a nice note telling me my book shipped. Can’t wait to get it. 🙂

  3. How fun that your book launch is becoming a family project. The cookies are adorable, and I’m very impressed with your daughter’s decorating skills. (They’re much better than mine!)

      • Then we’re to figure the artistic thing skipped a generation, but the general talent is direct from Mom 🙂 The 2×2 is so clever–the “writer” in her, I’ll attribute that to, and how wonderful she’s found a passion so young–and we know it’s a passion; no kid spends 10+ hours doing something unless they LOVE it! I hope it sticks ’cause it’s obvious she’s got the talent for it. How great it must feel to see your daughter do something so well and such an expression of her love for you 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics of your book launch!

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