Special Story Time at FIRE ME UP!

IMG_0768This past Tuesday I partnered with FIRE ME UP, a ceramics and art studio in Cranford, for a very special  story time.


First, the kids gathered for a reading of GOODNIGHT, ARK.


But before I could even get started, that pesky little skunk of mine poked his nose out of his basket and insisted that the kids look for him and the missus on every page. For some reason, he thinks they are the stars of the book! The kids enthusiastically obliged and we all enjoyed a rollicking reading of the story.


Then it was on to the craft – adorable ceramic elephants hand painted by the children.


Before leaving, the children petted Stinky. They were very, very gentle so as not to cause a big stink!

The afternoon was such a hit, that I hear another one is in the works.  Stay tuned for details!

(And an extra special thanks to Rosanne Kurstedt for joining me as photographer. )


10 thoughts on “Special Story Time at FIRE ME UP!

  1. What fun! Your skunk reminded me that when I was little, I had a stuffed animal skunk, go figure, and someone in our town had a real one for a pet!

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