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It’s Raining RHYMES!: A Rhyme-Based Extension Activity for GOODNIGHT, ARK

IMG_0124Identifying and creating rhymes is a great way for little ones to build phonemic awareness. With that in mind, here’s an activity that builds upon the rhymes in GOODNIGHT, ARK.

GOAL: After reading GOODNIGHT, ARK  K – 2nd grade classes will create their own rhyming storms, then use their class-generated “rhyme drops” to play some rhyming games.

Here’s how:

1. Cut several white clouds and colorful raindrops from sturdy paper. Tape or glue  two or three ribbon strands to each cloud.

2. Select several of your favorite rhyming word pairs from GOODNIGHT, ARK.

3. Print one word pair on each cloud.

4. Using the pairs from the story as examples, have kids generate other rhyming rain drops.  Hang drops from the appropriate ribbons with paper clips.

5. Once you have your storm of rhyming words, play some “Rhyme-Drop” games. Here are three to get you started.

 Match the “Rhyme Drops”:  Place six different pairs of “rhyme drops” (from different clouds) face down.  With a partner, or independently, turn two “rhyme drops” over at at time.  If they rhyme, keep them.  If not, turn them back over and try again. For added challenge, try placing more pairs face down or place them down in rhyming sets of three (triplets version).

Create “Rhyme Drop” Sentences: Use two or more of the rhyming words dangling from each cloud to write sentences.  Ex:

sheep/sleep  –  “Time to sleep, sheep.”

shark/ark  –  “Was there a shark on the ark?”

snake/awake/shake   –  “I hear a rattle-shake. I think the snake’s awake!”

Play “Rhyme Drop” Bop:  In this variation of “Duck, Duck, Goose” all the children sit in a circle on the floor (or outside). Instead of saying “duck, duck, duck”, the child who is “it” says all rhyming words.  When he/she say a word that breaks the rhyming pattern the “goose” chase begins.  Ex:  “crash, flash, sash, smash… shark!”

10 thoughts on “It’s Raining RHYMES!: A Rhyme-Based Extension Activity for GOODNIGHT, ARK”

  1. What a wonderful activity! Love the rain visual that coincides with your book. That reminds me, I need to go get a copy!

  2. Very cute and educational Laura. I have learned so much about marketing from watching you work with Good Night Ark. Shauna Rossano said Saturday at NJSCBWI that every few copies are important to the success of the book. I hadn’t thought of it like that before.

    1. Thanks, Lauri, for your thoughtful comment. I think Shauna has the right idea. I’ve been enjoying doing marketing related things with GNA and I like to hope that every little effort counts. It was a great weekend,wasn’t it.

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