The Art of Picture Book Making Workshop: SO MUCH FUN!

DSC_5452Saturday morning I was joined by twenty enthusiastic K – 5th graders for a special workshop on the “Art Of Picture Book Making” hosted by the wonderful book-loving staff at the Cranford Public Library.

Using GOODNIGHT, ARK as the example, we took a little journey with Noah and the animals to see how a picture book idea goes from spark to publication.

DSC_5474We also explored what makes picture books special.  They are the only literary genre, with the exception perhaps of the graphic novel, in which the text and illustrations work together to tell the story.  Neither is complete without the other.

DSC_5462After looking for examples of this in GOODNIGHT, ARK the children got busy brainstorming and writing their own picture books.


DSC_5469I know they were having fun because when our time was up, no one wanted to leave!  The librarian graciously extended our work time by fifteen minutes.  Hooray for young writers and illustrators! And hooray for picture books!


7 thoughts on “The Art of Picture Book Making Workshop: SO MUCH FUN!

  1. Love this, Laura! I’ve done many kindergarten visits where I read a picture book, talk with the kids about beginning, middle and end…and then have them fold a piece of blank paper in three sections…away they go, with their own story, told in just three pictures…beginning, middle and end. 🙂 Young children are brimming with stories…all they need is someone to listen to them and encourage them. 🙂

  2. This sounds amazing, Laura! I would love to see a post with details..the materials you had prepared, etc. It would be great to share with teachers or with someone like me who may want to *borrow* your idea! Glad it was such a success!

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