OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn celebration of Christmas, here’s a poem from the archives inspired by Christmas at our house.  May you and yours have a blessed Christmas!  I’ll be back in January with brand new posts!

Where is Baby Jesus?


Laura Sassi

The toy train chugs in circles

Underneath the Christmas tree.

The créche is on the table

Just where it’s supposed to be.


But the figurines are missing.

The stable’s still and bare.

And I can’t find Baby Jesus.

I don’t see Him anywhere!


I see Mary on the sofa

With the donkey at her side.

The angel’s on the mantel

Halo glowing, arms flung wide.


And balancing on branches,

I see wise men – one, two, three.

Joseph’s resting on the stairs,

But where can Jesus be?


The shepherd’s in the box car

So the sheep are roaming loose.

At last, I’ve spotted Jesus –

He’s riding the caboose!


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