KNITTING: Writerly Wisdom for the NEW YEAR (from a nine-year-old)

photo 1For Christmas this year, Santa brought my daughter a knitting loom kit. A knitting loom is a circular contraption with upward poking teeth and a tool for “knitting” by first wrapping the yarn around each tooth and then gently pulling the loop from the last round over the new loop and off. Around and around you go and eventually a knitted tube emerges – perfect for hats, pillow, stuffed limbs and bellies (for knitted creatures) and more!

The day after Christmas my daughter had a friend over. Both were eager to make hats so each girl selected a loom and yarn and got started. My daughter found the process tedious and challenging. Her yarn split and her loops were so tight they were nearly impossible to get over the notched teeth.  Worse yet, she was in no mood to allow herself the chance to get the hang of it.

Her friend, by contrast, quickly settled into a nice rhythm of wrapping, removing, and rotating.  She was gentle with the yarn and her knitted tube steadily emerged.  Sensing my daughter’s frustration, she said, “I know it’s hard at first, but keep going because the neat part is watching it grow.”

And there it is –  writerly wisdom out of the mouth of a nine-year-old. Indeed, like knitting, writing can be challenging, especially if you’ve hit a mental block.  It can also seem tedious if you are, say, embarking on your umpteenth revision. But if you can settle into a nice rhythm, even when the going gets tough, I think you will find joy in the process because the neat part really is watching your writing grow.

So take heart and keep writing, trusting as these girls are, that even when the process gets tedious or challenging, something beautiful is going to emerge.

Happy writing all and may this be the year you knit your most amazing hat, er story, yet!


6 thoughts on “KNITTING: Writerly Wisdom for the NEW YEAR (from a nine-year-old)

  1. I love this post! What great advice! Just relax and settle in and watch it grow. Kids are so smart! Be sure to post some finished projects from the magical knitting tool. That looks like a blast!

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