POEMS BY KIDS: The Leaning Tower of Papers


Today’s post is written by a very special fourteen year old in my life – my son!  The inspiration is the quarterly notebook check that occurs in several of his classes.  Who knew that disorganization could be so inspiring?  Enjoy!

The Tower of Pages


My notebook towers over me.

It’s falling everywhere.

I have one week to clean it out –

The road to my binder despair.


Paper, paper, paper

I try to calm my nerves.

Paper, paper, paper

My path of good grades swerves.


I open up the binder.

It’s messy and has a smell.

I crack my knuckles and set to work

To get a grade that’s swell.


Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

This monstrous binder whimpers

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

I feel like I’ve been at it for winters.


Papers, papers, papers

It was messy but now I’m done.

I hand it in with a victorious smile.

I tackled the monster and won!


5 thoughts on “POEMS BY KIDS: The Leaning Tower of Papers

  1. My 12 yr old daughter & I enjoyed the poem! It must be such relief to be finished! I had a stack of papers on my desk to tackle, too!

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