IMG_0235Making predictions is an important skill for emergent readers (and all readers for that matter.) With that in mind, here are some prediction strategies young sleuths can use while reading GOODNIGHT, ARK.

PONDER THE PICTURES: As the story unfolds, each spread depicts new pairs of animals dashing to Noah’s bed. What does your child predict will happen as they keep jumping into Noah’s bed?  Will Noah wake up?  How will he get them back to bed? Observant young readers may also notice that the bed changes shape as it fills up. What might this lead to?  And what about those quietly sleeping skunks?  Do they predict will wake up? And if so, what might happen next?

PAUSE AT THE PAGE TURNS: Each page turn is a perfect opportunity to pause and guess what will happen next. So before turning, ask your child what they think is about to happen?  Then… turn the page and find out.

USE THE RHYMES AS RIDDLES: Listening for rhyme is a great pre-reading skill and one that kids love.  Astute little readers/listeners will also enjoy using rhyming clues to guess what will happen next. For example, when it pours, it wakes the boars and when there is hail, it wakes the quail.

Don’t forget to praise your little ones for their great detective skills!

EXTENSION:  Apply these strategies to each new picture book you read.  Have fun!

3 thoughts on “STORY DETECTIVES: Making Predictions in GOODNIGHT, ARK

  1. Laura – do you have any other resources for building prediction-forming skills with young readers? This is super! Thanks.

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