OLDIE BUT GOODIE: Sheep Bible Verse Memory Craft

IMG_0462When I taught 2nd/3rd grade Sunday school I was always looking for fun crafts and clever strategies to help the kids memorize their monthly Bible verse.  With that in mind, here’s a Bible memory craft/game I came up with that I hope you, too, will find useful should you find yourself teaching Sunday School or Vacation Bible School.  It’s also makes a fun at-home activity.  Happy Spring (almost)!



Laura Sassi

Shuffling these sheep into the correct word order is a great way to memorize your favorite sheep-themed Bible verse!


9” by 12” sheet of green construction paper

9” by 12” sheet white construction paper

black marker           scissors

A sheep-themed Bible verse of your choice.   (Suggested verses:  Psalm 23:1, Psalm 100:3,  John 10:11)


For the meadow, fold green construction paper to make a 12-box grid.

Using black marker trace eleven sheep onto white construction paper.  Color the heads and feet black. Cut out.

Select your sheep verse.  Depending on the verse length, write one or two words on each sheep.  Be sure to use all eleven sheep.


Mix the sheep and place them in the meadow.

Try to arrange the sheep in correct verse order without picking them up.  Instead shuffle them up and down the meadow grid, using the empty space to help you.

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