Celebrate POETRY with the HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN Poetry Player!

IMG_0344Highlights for Children is a monthly magazine for children ages 3 to 12. Founded in 1946, and with a circulation of about 2 million, it publishes stories, poems, crafts and articles that entertain children while also encouraging learning. In addition to the paper magazine, Highlights for Children has a fabulous website called HighlightsKids.com. Since we are midway through National Poetry Month, I thought it would be fun (and enlightening) to share with you a feature I recently discovered on the HighlightsKids website called Poetry Player.

With or without a subscription, Poetry Player offers readers of all ages the chance to hear poems previously published in Highlights for Children recited aloud to the accompaniment of music and a colorful illustration. To get to Poetry Player, click the Read It tab on the HighlightsKids.com homepage.  This will open other tabs, including the Poetry Player.

I’ve chosen three poems from the Poetry Reader to share with you. Clicking the title will take you straight to HighlightsKids so you can enjoy the poem on their website. I’ve also included several follow up suggestions to enjoy the poems at home or in the class room. Thank you, Highlights for Children for this great resource! Enjoy all!

The Rescue by Laura Sassi (that’s me!)

After reading and listening to the poem, ask your child/class if they’ve ever seen squirrels’ nests. (They probably have. They look like bunched up balls of leaves nestled high in trees.) Ask if they’ve ever seen baby squirrels. Then take some time to “virtually” investigate a bit more about squirrels using this terrific article on squirrels from the Washington Post. As a follow up, go for a walk. Count the number of squirrels and/or nests you spot. Draw a picture and/or write a poem about your walk.

Dressed for Easter by Diana Murray 

Read and listen to the poem. The children are described as dressed in their Sunday best. What does that mean? What else is described as dressed? Can plants get dressed? Identify this as an example of personification. Then have fun sharing what your favorite parts of spring are. For added fun, draw a picture of Spring dressed in its Sunday best.

The Sense-ational Sea by BJ Lee

After reading and listening to the poem, read it aloud together in two voices with your child or class.  Then write your own Q and A poems modeled after BJ Lee’s lovely sea poem. Take turns reading them in two voices.

9 thoughts on “Celebrate POETRY with the HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN Poetry Player!

  1. Three wonderful poems! And I love the squirrel facts- especially the one about the acorns. I always get a little mad at the squirrels at my bird feeders, thinking they should be going to their caches of stored nuts and acorns. But now that I know they are doing a greater good, I will be more tolerant 🙂

  2. What a pleasant surprise to read your blog and see my poem here! Thank you, Laura! I LOVE the Highlights Poetry Player – a good idea on their part. Wonderful poems by you and Diana! I’m getting a nostalgic for the time when we all were in the Garage together! 🙂

  3. Oh, Laura, I’ve loved Highlights Magazine since I was a kid, and that was a looooooong time ago! 🙂 I love their site, too! In fact, it’s been a while since I did the Hidden Pictures or played the game I like. Can’t think of the name but it’s with blocks! For some reason their website isn’t opening right now so I can’t check your poem : / Will try later!

  4. How the heck did I miss this post?? Thanks for posting a link to my Easter poem. 🙂 I love the poetry player, too! So fun. And it’s extra fun when I recognize some of the authors. (Sorry for commenting so ridiculously late!)

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