Miss A.’s APPLE BERRY UPSIDE DOWN CAKE (Or: How to Cook up a Lesson on Revising!)

IMG_1737.jpgLast week, my eleven year old decided to bake a cake using her own made-up recipe.  She wrote her list and we went shopping.  She immediately set about baking her first ever “Apple Berry Upside Down Cake”.  She was so excited that I suggested she write down her recipe while the cake cooled.  The challenge, I explained, was to write an original recipe that used mouthwatering language and clear step-by-step instructions.  She fully embraced the project and I’ve never seen my reluctant writer put words to paper so enthusiastically.  Here is her mouthwatering first, unedited draft. Not bad for someone who usually has a hard time expressing her thoughts in writing.IMG_1721

The problem was… the cake.  It was a little doughy.  And a little heavy.  It looked pretty but did not taste the way she wanted it to. “I want to try it again, but without pizza dough,” she announced.  So she baked it again – this time with pancake batter.  And as she did, she had to revise her written recipe as well.IMG_1689

But there was still a problem… the batter.  It was too goopy and oozed through the layer of apples so that when she flipped the cake it didn’t have a clean, artistic look. It looked more like this…IMG_1730.jpg

And so, for a third time, she had to revise her plans (and her writing piece). This time she decided to use prepackaged crescent dough. And the result?  DELICIOUS!

Now… for the recipe, which together with the cake, are delicious reminders that not only is revising our writing essential, it can also be fun! Enjoy!




2 apples

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 package crescent dough

1 teaspoon butter (to grease pan)

First, grease a nonstick round cake pan with butter.

IMG_1716 (1).jpgNext, cut the apples into slices and place them in the pan so they form a circle like flower petals.

IMG_1717.jpgThen place one cup of raspberries in the center of the apples!!!

IMG_1732Next, put one very thin layer of your pastry dough on top of the berries and apples. (Hint: It won’t taste like plain pastry dough because the sweet bitterness of the berries will make the dough moist and delicious when it bakes.)

IMG_1736.jpgAfter this, place a second layer of apples on the pastry dough, but instead of raspberries add one cup of blueberries!!! Then place another very thin piece of pastry dough on top.

Set the oven to 350 and put the cake in for 25-30 minutes. As it bakes, you will see the cake rise and become flaky. Soon it will smell like you just walked into a French pastry shop, but it’s really your own kitchen.

Let the cake cool down for 45 minutes. Once it has cooled, place the plate that you want to serve it on on top of the pan and flip it over!!!

IMG_1737Voila! Enjoy your Apple Berry Upside Down Cake!


11 thoughts on “Miss A.’s APPLE BERRY UPSIDE DOWN CAKE (Or: How to Cook up a Lesson on Revising!)

  1. Way to go, Miss A! Looks yummy! And this is a great, authentic writing lesson, Laura! Maybe she can publish it in a kid’s magazine that needs recipes 😉

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