THANK YOU, DAD!: Goodnight, Ark ALMOST Spotted “Down Under”

Image 2My dad is a terrific man on so many levels. He was a loving husband to my mom. (Here they are pictured above – just one month before she passed away – sharing in the joy of seeing an advance copy of “Goodnight, Ark” in October 2013.) And he continues to be a loving father and grandfather. As it turns out, he’s also become my most enthusiastic book promoter. I should have guessed that he might be. He always has a bookmark in his breast pocket, ready to take out at a cocktail party or luncheon. And he did a great job of setting up events for me when I visited him in Virginia last fall.

And now, I’d like to add this to my list of terrific Dad moments.  For the last month my dad has been traveling in Australia and New Zealand.  And while visiting Wellington, New Zealand, he popped into the central branch of the Wellington City Library so he could take a picture of  “Goodnight, Ark” so that we could post it on Facebook or Twitter. (Yes, that’s how geeky we are.)

It turned out to be quite the adventure. Though the book was listed as on the shelf, it was very difficult to find. Still, my dad tried. On his knees, even. Yep, that’s my dad.  Thorough and enthusiastic to the core.IMG_1904

Here’s his summary note to me:

This nice librarian helped us look for “Ark”, which should have been on the shelf but could not be found.  So we took this snap of her (Karen) with the online listing. She said to tell you for sure that she would use it at a future morning reading hour.


It’s fun to imagine “Goodnight, Ark” being read to children in New Zealand.  Thank you Dad and Dianne for taking time out of your trip to go on a little hunt for Noah and the gang!

Happy Sailing!

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