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spring book eventsFor today’s stop on the DIVA DELORES AND THE OPERA HOUSE MOUSE blog tour, we have a special treat – a JOINT interview with illustrator Rebecca Gerlings! Joint interviews are extra special because they require extra coordination – especially when the illustrator is from the UK and the author is from NJ!  Thank you for having us, Kidlit411!  Here’s the link so you can pop on over.  (Oh, and there’s a giveaway too!) Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “DIVA DELORES AND THE OPERA HOUSE Blog Tour: Stop SEVEN”

  1. Hey Laura, I received a free copy of your book in the mail from Susanna Hill’s contest. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for writing excellent prose. I have enjoyed reading through it, as have all of my children.

    We had a small question. I don’t know if an edit is even possible at this point, but I thought I’d point out that there is one stanza “Next morning was show day/and make no mistake,/Delores had jitters,/She felt her legs shake” that we all wondered about. Delores doesn’t have legs. Maybe they’d let you change it to “fins?”

    Anywho, thanks for all the extremely difficult work you’ve done to get a good quality book published.

    We also have your Goodnight, Ark book; what a nice surprise to see you were the author of that one, too!

    1. Thanks so much for reading the story with such care! I’m glad you and your children are enjoying it. Yes, we pondered that spot as well, but decided to keep it because she is standing on them as if they are legs in that scene. I like “fin” too, though.

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