Rejection, Ladybugs, and Setting New Goals

2018 has been a mixed writing year for me.  I have had the joy of two new picture books releasing and all the celebration that entails including author visits – my favorite!  At the same, however, in the new picture book department,  I’ve received nothing but rejections. 

Discouraging, yes? Well, sort of, but I’ve never been one to wallow in self-pity, so as a form of “chin up” therapy for myself and because I LOVE writing short, snappy pieces, in early November, I set myself a new goal. 

Now, in addition to working on new picture book manuscripts and revising others that are still in progress, each week I have decided to write one new poem or story suitable for magazine publication – to be sent when ready. Not only does this new goal keep my creative juices flowing in fun and diverse ways, it also helps hone my picture book rhyming skills. In other words, good writing leads to good writing and that’s a good thing!

And today, guess what I received in the mail? My first acceptance in what seems like a long little while! It’s for a rhyming rebus, starring one of my favorite beetles – the ladybug. It has been accepted by Clubhouse Magazines to appear in their July 2019 issue of Clubhouse Jr! What fun it will be to see that in print!

And, now, a special thanks to Miss A. for letting me celebrate by sharing her hand-made ladybug sun catcher which hangs cheerily in my kitchen window, a sweet reminder that if rejection is starting to get you down – spread those invisible wings – and set yourself some “chin up” goals!

12 thoughts on “Rejection, Ladybugs, and Setting New Goals

  1. Rejections must wash off our backs unless there is something in the feedback that strikes your truth chord and points to a fundamental issue in your writing. I know your stories and that definitely isn’t the case. Keep trucking.
    And TWO picture books out 😀 , yeah, that!

  2. It’s kind of a twist on when one door closes (temporarily!), another opens. Keep those writing doors swinging-and Clubhouse Jr. is such a sweet, wonderfully illustrated magazine. Yay!

  3. I feel like the queen of the rejected. Here’s to a New Year!
    Thanks for the ladybug wishes and your never-ending encouragements.

  4. Good for you, keeping on going when you face plenty of rejections. That doesn’t sound fun, but it also is inspiring. And I hope the Clubhouse Jr. thing works out well for you 🙂 Happy new year!

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