COUNT DOWN TO THE NEW YEAR: Top Five Posts of 2018

I thought it would be fun to kick off the new year with a countdown-style look back at my TOP FIVE BLOG posts from 2018. It’s rather fascinating because only one was actually published in 2018. The rest are from past years and folks just keep coming back to them! Over the past few days, I revealed all but #1 on Facebook. Now here’s the complete roundup all in one spot:

#5 PICTURE BOOKS WITH P.U.N.C.H: Cumulative Stories. This a post from 2013 which also, incidentally, places #2 for all-time popularity in the 6 years since I started the blog. It’s part of a series I did a few years ago about picture book structures. Is this an indication that maybe I should re-open the series this year with some fresh posts?

#4 PICTURE BOOKS WITH P.U.N.C.H: Parallel Stories. This is another post from my 2013 Picture Books with P.U.N.C.H Series, which writers keep returning to.

#3 IN MEMORY OF MY EIGHTH GRADE TEACHER:  Thank you, Shirley Vaux! I wrote this heartfelt post at the beginning of the year right after learning that a dear teacher who influenced my journey to becoming a writer had just passed away – days before I had hoped to reach out to her to share my thanks. My prayer with this post was that her family would somehow see it… and they did!

#2 (and #1 OVERALL since the blog began with 4,663 hits!): FIVE CHARACTERISTICS THAT GIVE PICTURE BOOKS P.U.N.C.H. This is the post that kick-started the Picture Books With P.U.N.C.H Story Structure Series. Thank you for returning to this post again and again! And again, it makes me wonder if you would like more posts like this in 2019?

#1 Examining LYRICAL PICTURE BOOKS with Diana Murray This guest post by the talented Diana Murray, written in 2016 when her lovely lyrical picture book CITY SHAPES released, also continues to be a perennial favorite – so much so that it was my top-hitting post for 2018!  

So there you have it! Thank you all, for reading my blog. Now I have a favor to ask. What kinds of posts would you like to see in 2019? I’m all ears (and I have my pen ready.) Happy New Year!

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