I’m trying something new on Facebook today. What do you think? (And what’s YOUR beeswax?)  

Check out the original post that inspired the video here. Happy Writing!

7 thoughts on “PORCH PONDERINGS: What’s YOUR Beeswax?

  1. I re-read the original, and enjoyed watching, too.
    My beeswax: Quiet meditation (can be done while weeding or wiping or carpet sweeping) throwing in whatever sentences pop into my talking to self, and suddenly a voice emerges with one of the sentences, and it wants to tell a story.
    Then, I have to sit down and write their story. But only after I heard them loud and clear. ;P

  2. Love your video blog and your pre-write ideas. I like to run for exercise. It also seems to be a time when I can think over an idea and get “unstuck.” Hope you are having a great summer, Laura!

  3. This is a neat way to blog. I’d heard of sewing with beeswax before, but it never “stuck”. This video has cemented it for me. Journaling is a great way to “beeswax” your writing. Walking alone without headphones is another. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Laura, I had NO idea about beeswax with the sewing and my grandmother was a professional seamstress! lol And I LOVE that they offer a Home Economics course for your 6th grader. WONderful! All I keep hearing is how they’re weeding these things out in high school. SO foolish *sigh*

    Anyway, I don’t have a specific “beeswax” because I find that ideas flow organically anytime of day, never knowing what is going to trigger creativity and ideas 🙂

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