PORCH WRITING: My Little Antique Iron

Are you ready to IRON your story? Join me on the porch today as I share some writerly thoughts inspired by the little antique iron that was handed down to me by my grandmother.  

Check out the original post that inspired the video here. Happy Writing!

Note: Over the summer, I will be sharing some of my favorite analogies from years past as I stockpile new ones for the fall and beyond. This oldie but goodie was first published in March 2015.

4 thoughts on “PORCH WRITING: My Little Antique Iron

  1. Ah, last little press/iron before I press “send.” Nowhere near there. Yet.
    (Another thing we have in common is not liking to iron clothes. My mother actually ironed her sheets. I guess it was not genetic.)

    • It’s not genetic for me either. When I was little, my mother ironed everything – including t-shirts and as soon as we were old enough to handle the iron, we each became responsible for ironing our own items.

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