PUBLISHING MILESTONES: Celebrating the Journey in Special Ways

What do you do to celebrate special milestones in your publishing journey?  Do you clink a glass of sparkly for each book or magazine piece that comes out? Do you bake thematic cookies?  Do you go out for a special dinner with your family or friends? 

I, for one, like any excuse for celebration, and while I’m not big on champagne, I have, over the years, developed several fun ways of celebrating the publication of my work – which I view as part of my legacy that I am passing on to my children. 

First, since the publication of my very first magazine piece in 1999, I have kept a binder of my magazine clips.  The binder is so thick now that I’ve now started a second.  The binders are loosely organized by alphabet and genre and date of publication and each clip is preserved in an acid-free sleeve.  Over the years, I’ve enjoyed browsing through the binders with my children and at school visits. It’s fun to see how far my writing has come since I first embarked on the journey over 20 years ago.

If you follow me on social media, you will also know that my daughter loves to celebrate my book releases by creating her own beautiful art in the form of painted ceramics, cookies and even appliqué!  And her creations make my heart sing and the non-edible ones have become part of our home decor!  Thank you, Miss A.!

Finally, for each book that has released, as well as for a couple of favorite published poems, I’ve created a little framed gallery.  So far, the gallery contains three framed poems and framed hangings of spreads from my first two picture books. 

In the busy-ness of the past year, I got a a bit behind in my framing, but am delighted to share that over the December break my dad and I finally got to my favorite frame shop, The Artist Framer in Cranford, NJ to update the gallery with framed spreads from my two most recent books, DIVA DELORES AND THE OPERA HOUSE MOUSE and LOVE IS KIND. Here are some snapshots of the delightful morning we spent picking out matte and frames.  Thank you, Dad, for the gift of the framed art. Thank you, Stephanie, for your artistic expertise in picking out just the right combination to compliment each spread. Thank you to my publishers, Zonderkidz and Sterling Children’s Books for taking on the projects. And finally, thank you to my illustrators – Rebecca Gerlings and Lison Chaperon for working their artistic magic across the pages of these two most recent books! 

I can’t wait to bring these new framed pieces home so I can add them to my gallery.  

What you do to celebrate your publishing milestones? I’d love to hear.  Happy creating, all!

12 thoughts on “PUBLISHING MILESTONES: Celebrating the Journey in Special Ways

  1. Glorious twenty+ years!
    I celebrate every miles stone (like finishing a draft) privately. No bubbly, just a walk in a beautiful place while letting the rush of feeling blessed wash over me.

  2. I love that idea of the art gallery. What a beautiful and visual way to celebrate your accomplishments! I, too, have a binder and I love seeing that fat thing almost full of clips! 🙂

  3. I put my magazine pieces in binders, too. I LOVE your framed pieces idea! So do you buy a print from the illustrator or does he actually take it out of the book?

  4. I try to treat myself in some way when I sell a manuscript and when it releases. One thing I do is, for my books, I look for a fun pair of earrings that go with the book’s theme. I also look for little trinkets that remind me of my latest book when I travel. I display them on an antique typesetting drawer hung as a shelf in my dining room. I have been planning to create a gallery too, and now that I have an office of my own, that can actually happen!

    • I love your celebration traditions, especially the typesetting box. I’ve had one that I’ve had since I was a girl and have collected trinkets from all the places we traveled when I was a kid. My sister has one too and we have always called them our “window boxes”. =)

  5. Laura, I LOVE how you live your life and fit so much sentimentality and celebration into it. That your daughter celebrates in her VERY talented, meaningful ways is heart-filling ❤ The framed art is SO beautiful!

    As for me, there has been no real "fruition" to my journey other than, back in 2008, when SCBWI put a call out for Bulletin-related artwork and poems, I decided to do some artwork and write a poem, all of which I got paid for. A few pieces of artwork were used, not the poem. I framed the $50 bill along with the copy of the check as a "symbol" of the "first" payment for my writing (I spent the bit of money for the art because I've been paid–though never enough–for artwork throughout my life, so that wasn't as significant). I don't submit to magazines so there's been no income from that; the only publication was "free" terms and I've won or placed in various contests. All of them are saved, but not framed—just that one thing! I'm still waiting for my "yes" with books. We'll see! It's joyous sharing yours though! 🙂

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