Want to Write a Chapter Book? Helpful Links to Get You Started.

Often times my little picture book fans, who have grown up just a little bit and are ready for chapter books, ask me if I have any “older” books they can read. The answer thus far has been no, but that’s going to change this summer! I have a fledgling idea for an early chapter book series and each day this summer I will be working towards making that idea a reality. As prep for the project, I’m reading up on some tips from the experts.  

And, just in case you’re interested in joining me on the chapter book writing journey, here are some helpful links to get you started.

Happy Writing!

How to Write a Children’s Chapter Book

Writing Chapter Books

Writing Chapter Books: A Look at the Numbers

Chapter Book Challenge!!! (This writing event takes place each March.)

Kidlit 411 Chapter Books (Includes more links!)

8 thoughts on “Want to Write a Chapter Book? Helpful Links to Get You Started.

  1. Writing-wise, as my kids grew I began writing chapter books and eventually novels for middle grades. If this were the only reason, I should be writing adult novels now 😉 but I seem to stop at MG, where the child I once was prefers to dwell and not grow up. Reading-wise I read MG-Adult.
    Chapter books are an interesting hop-skip-‘n-a-jump to MG territory. I hope you enjoy the journey and look forward to following what results. You listed good resources. I recommend looking at what is written about MG as well. It applies to CB for the most part.

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