Illustrator Saturday – Tommy Doyle

PASSING ALONG A GREAT INTERVIEW! I really enjoyed learning more about Tommy Doyle, the talented illustrator Beaming Books selected to illustrate LITTLE EWE, in the interview he did with Kathy Temean on her blog today. What an interesting journey he has had. And I’m over the moon with how he illustrated LITTLE EWE. For both of these reasons, I thought you might enjoy this insider’s interview with the illustrator, himself!

Writing and Illustrating

Tommy Doyle is an Illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from Montreal, Qc Canada, he relocated down under in 2007.

He has been working in the industry for over 20 years. Illustration is a big passion of his and finds that, it is an effective and creative way to communicate a message or an emotion. His work is bold and rich in simplicity. Tommy loves playing with shapes and textures, mixing digital and traditional mediums.

Clients includes; Apple, Microsoft, Hallmark Cards, Cottage Door Press, Auzou, Milan, Mattel, Oreo, Target and more.

HERE IS TOMMY DISCUSSING HIS PROCESS of one of his recent illustrations:

This illustration is for a one meter long floor puzzle for kids. The theme here is transportation. The cool thing about this giant puzzle is that it contains 5 mini puzzles within the big puzzle itself.

You can see where the mini puzzles are…

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