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PICTURE BOOK MASTER CLASS: Interview with Laura Sassi

I’m so excited to be teaching the Master Class on Picture Writing for the Write2Ignite Conference for Christian Writers of Children’s and Young Adult Literature this coming April 24, 2021. Taught virtually – so writers from near and far can attend – it’s going be a day full of learning and fun – all while stretching our story-telling skills. And today, as way of introduction, they’re interviewing me on their blog! I hope you’ll pop on over to check it out. Registration details are included at the end of the post… and there’s a giveaway! Here’s the link:

2 thoughts on “PICTURE BOOK MASTER CLASS: Interview with Laura Sassi”

  1. Hi Laura—
    I am a little confused as to the Wtite 2Ignite conference. Is it like a regular two day conference where you pay a fee for the entire conference and then choose from a variety of classes on the topic of writing Christian books? I cannot seem to find the schedule for the conference. I did find a registration for your specific class on writing picture books. What else is part of the conference?

    1. This is a one day event with only one theme – picture books – taught by one Master Teacher, so it’s not like the bigger conferences you are thinking of. Since gathering in person right now is difficult, this is what they are doing in lieu of a conference more along the lines of what you are describing. There will be three workshops followed by three hands-on discussion opportunities – all virtual. I hope this helps to clarify. =)

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