Here’s a fun craft for the parent or grandparent (or aunt or uncle, or teacher or friend) of a LITTLE EWE fan. It would also make a fun do-together project as it requires just knitting without the purls! Thank you to my friend, and Cranford Yarnstormers founder, Teresa Murray, for creating this sweet little project in celebration of the release of my newest picture book LITTLE EWE (Beaming Books, 2021). LITTLE EWE is the story of a little lamb who wanders just a bit too far from her Shepherd and in the process discovers the comfort and joy of being found.

And here is the free printable:

Thank you, Teresa, for celebrating this release of the book with this adorable knitted sheep!

If you knit one, please take a picture of it paired with the book and tag me on your socials. Maybe, together, we will knit a whole flock!

6 thoughts on “PICTURE BOOK KNITTING CRAFT: A Little Ewe inspired by LITTLE EWE!

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