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SNAIL MAIL BLESSINGS: Fostering KINDNESS the Old-Fashioned Way

In this age of instant texts and emails, I’ve been missing the special connection of a different kind of correspondence – the old-fashioned hand-written note. 

Beginning in my tweens through my twenties, I regularly wrote hand-written notes. Some were condolence letters. Some were thank you notes. Most were letters to friends in places I’d previously lived.  Many were letters to my now-husband of 29 years! All were written from the heart and they were my favorite way to connect across the miles.  

Each letter began with a connection point where I reminded the recipient how much I missed them or had been thinking about them. Then I would ask a question or two about how they were doing. Next, I’d share some of the meaningful things that were going on in my neck of the woods, often continuing a conversation thread from a letter I’d received from them.  I’d close with a reminder once again of how much they meant to me and how I looked forward to hearing from them. 

Looking back, I see there was an art to those letters and a special connection built through the bond of writing – an art and connection that I fear we are only a few texts and social media posts away from losing forever.

So now, with September just around corner, I’ve decided to shake the dust off my stationary stash and develop a new habit of writing one old-fashioned note once a week to someone special.

Would you like to join me in this letter writing journey, which I’m calling “Snail Mail Blessings”?  If so, please let me know in the comments section so we can encourage each other along the way.

Getting started is easy. Just grab paper, pen, a stamp and an envelope. Find a comfortable spot to write. Pause quietly for a moment and see if someone comes to mind – an old classmate perhaps, or a special aunt or uncle you haven’t written to in awhile. Maybe you know someone who needs a little boost of encouragement this week. Your heart will tell you when you’ve got the right person for this week. 

Then write the letter and send it the old-fashioned way- via snail mail.  

I hope that this challenge is a blessing to your week, as I know it will be to mine. And be on the look out in coming weeks for more thoughts and inspiration for ways we can bless those around us (and be blessed in return) through the simple act of writing letters and sending them the old-fashioned way.

Snail Mail Blessings to your and yours!


12 thoughts on “SNAIL MAIL BLESSINGS: Fostering KINDNESS the Old-Fashioned Way”

  1. If it were not for our mutual friend Ev, I don’t think I could count on two fingers the number of things in the snail mail for the last few years that were not junk or bills or (bless them) mail order deliveries. Personal letters? I’m old enough to remember when they were the majority… 😥
    I still have beautiful stationary I could use from the olden times, but I don’t. So I’m part of the problem.

    1. Oh, but I miss those letters. I still receive a few – from my 85 year old aunt, for example, and I have dear friend who still sends me hand written notes every once in a while. I love receiving them. =)

  2. I love this challenge! In the past couple of years, I’ve been writing letters back and forth with my niece, who is now 15. She is quiet by nature (as I am) and has 11 brothers and sisters, so she can get lost in the crowd at family get-togethers. Being pen pals with her has allowed me to know her (and her to know me) in a way that never would’ve happened for us in person. I really cherish the things that she shares with me, and her letters are always a gift!

    1. What a wonderful and special relationship you have developed through the thoughtful venue of old-fashioned letter writing. My grandmother wrote me letters when I was in college and beyond and I treasure those. Thank you for sharing this. =)

  3. Laura, such a lovely idea. My mother was the queen of snail mail. She sent cards, notes, letters by the bushel basket full and kept in touch with seemingly everyone she’d ever known. To this day, I’m a fan of cards and handwritten messages because of her example, but no longer send them as often as i used to. I’ll take your challenge and hope it inspires me to get back into a habit of old style communicating once again! It’s definitely worth trying!

  4. This is a wonderful idea! I used to write more notes and still do a few, but I’m going to take your snail mail blessing challenge .

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