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I thought it would be fun to kick off the new year with a countdown-style look back at my top five blog posts published in 2022. But first some fun facts. In 2022, my website had close to 14,000 views and over 7,600 visitors. Most of these were from the United States followed by Canada, the UK and Australia. I posted a total of 116 posts which was up 18 from the year before, and my yearly record so far. Posts topics included author interviews, writerly reflections, life lessons, tips and more. And now, without further ado, the top five!

#5 MONDAY REFLECTIONS: THOUGHTS ON RETIRING A BELOVED BANNER After 10 years, and because I knew I needed to update my website, I made the sentimentally difficult decision to retire the banner my mother created when I launched the blog in 2012 -difficult because she passed away in 2013 and she was an inspiration to me. Thank you to all who took the time to read this heart-felt post. I also figured out a way to keep the banner in a special spot here on the website. Can you spot it? (Hint: Check the footer.)

#4 FUN NEWS: TWO BOOK DEAL This post clicked in at #4 and I’m so grateful for all of you who helped celebrate with me how a one-book pitch turned into a two-book deal! Both projects release in 2023. Can you guess what they are?

#3 SISTER MICHELE AND THE CANDLE: A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS COUNTING MEMORY If you have followed my writing journey at all, you know that most of my books have in some way been inspired by my childhood or my children’s childhoods. Thank you for reading this one about my third grade teacher and a special Christmas tradition she introduced me to. This post had lots of traffic and my prayer when I wrote it was that Sister Michelle would somehow see it. That prayer, I’m happy to report was answered! Even better, I may get to visit with her in person this summer. Wouldn’t that be neat?

#2 COVER REVEAL: ROSANNE L. KURSTEDT’S AND I THINK ABOUT YOU (PLUS AN INTERVIEW This post from May celebrated the upcoming release of my long-time critique partner and friend’s delightful new book celebrating the special bond between a working mama bear and her cub. I love how you all joined me in celebrating with her!

#1 THE DAY QUEEN ELIZABETH PASSED THROUGH CRANFORD: A SPECIAL MEMORY FROM 1957 Written just after Queen Elizabeth passed away (and upon learning that she rolled through Cranford on a train in 1957 and that my mother-in-law hoped she would stop in for tea), this post was a big hit! It struck with many of you and I loved all the comments and memories it sparked which many of you shared both here and on my social media feeds.

So there you have it! Thank you all for reading my blog. Now I have a favor to ask. What kinds of posts would you like to see in 2023? I’m all ears (and I have my pen ready.) Happy New Year! 

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