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As a wife, mom, author, speaker, event coordinator (I set up and manage all my own events), volunteer for several organizations and more, I continually feel like I have a lot on my plate. Don’t get me wrong – I’m grateful for the plate set before me. I rejoice that I have the honor of receiving this plate so full of blessing and purpose. Still, managing everything on the plate sometimes feels like a lot. That’s why I’ve made a practice of beginning each day by lifting that plate up in prayer.

My prayer each morning is that each portion I’ve been given gets its proper amount of attention and that I don’t avoid the peas! Peas are my least favorite vegetable and on a real plate, especially as a kid, they were the portion that I always pushed aside. On my symbolic daily plate, the peas are those tasks and to-dos that, for whatever reason, I avoid. But, boy oh boy,  does it feel good when I actually eat those peas instead of mushing them under the potatoes or squeezing them off to one side.

Indeed, something wonderful happens when I eat those peas. First, I usually discover that they don’t taste as bad as I thought they would. Second, without the peas, my daily plate is suddenly less cluttered which means I have more room to tend to the other portions – including my writing.  And writing, for me, is portion of the plate that keeps everything else in balance. Third, removing those peas opens up space on the plate for the unexpected – like the surprise asparagus or spinach I spotted at the farmer’s market… i.e. the spur of the moment invitation to grab a cup of coffee with an old friend or opportunity help a neighbor (or stranger) in need.

So, what about you? What peas have you been pushing around on your plate? Wouldn’t it feel great if today you just ate them so that your plate could open up for the other good portions you’ve been given this day?  Try it… I think you’ll find it tastes good

Happy Monday, all!

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4 thoughts on “TIME MANAGEMENT TIP from my Plate to Yours: EAT YOUR PEAS!”

  1. Ha! I, too, do NOT like peas. Swallowed them with milk when I was younger to get them off my plate. Thanks for your analogy to get things done!

    1. LOL. The only exception is I like fresh, raw sweet peas that I take from the pod (that I can get at the farmer’s market in the summer). Those are delicious. Like candy.

  2. Ha, fun analogy, Laura. Even though I love peas, the idea of doing those least favorite things first, to get them out of the way, makes sense and certainly gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

  3. I must be the odd one, for I LOVE peas. But I agree that getting something you don’t like out of the way first is a wise way to go about managing tasks.

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