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SPECIAL OFFER: Schedule a FREE Springtime Author Visit with Laura Sassi

Spring is in the air and author visits seem finally to be back in full swing. So, with that in mind:

Now through June 21, 2023, I am offering free 20-minute SPRING AUTHOR VISITS featuring your choice of My Tender Heart Bible, Bunny Finds Easter or Little Ewe to the first FIVE groups who reach out to me via my contact tab and book a visit.

This special visit is ideal for preschools, church ministries, homeschool coops etc. and can be in–person (within 20 minute radius by car) or VIRTUAL.


For each FREE 20-minute SPRING AUTHOR VISIT visit I will:

Introduce myself and the story of your choice (see above) with the help of a springtime puppet companion.

Engage the children in an interactive reading which includes noticing fun details on each spread and pondering the big message of God’s love.

Have a brief Q&A. 


The visit is free, but I respectfully request that you purchase a copy the book for your class/church library and that you offer families the opportunity to purchase copies as well. I do not sell my own books, but they are available through the major online vendors, direct from the publisher, as well as through your favorite local indie book stores. To help spread word to families, I can provide an order form for schools/groups to collect and order as a group from the vendor of your choosing. Be sure keep a list of first names for book inscriptions and, as a thank you, I will provide a signed and personalized book plate for each book purchased!

I look forward to spreading Spring joy in this special way.  You can learn more about my books here.

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