Diva Delores and the Opera House Mouse

About the book:

Tra la la la! Can an opera house mouse and a disrespectful diva make beautiful music together? Maybe . . . if she learns some manners!
Fernando loves Mozart, Puccini, and Strauss, and lending a paw at the old opera house. Unfortunately, diva Delores wants no help from a mouse. She craves glamour and spotlights and praise—and she’s getting her chance to take center stage. But it’s all going wrong; she’s missing her entrance and flubbing her song. Fernando can save her—but only if Delores behaves. Will Delores hit a sour note? Or will she team up with Fernando . . . and bring down the house?

Diva Delores and the Opera House Mouse is:

  • Written by best-selling author Laura Sassi
  • Illustrated by Rebecca Gerlings
  • Published by Union Square Kids, 2018
  • A celebration of cooperation and opera
  • A great gift option for birthdays, holidays, and as memento for a special day at the opera

Awards and Reviews:

First Honor Book in 2019 Best in Rhyme Award!

2021-2022 Iowa Goldfinch Award Nominee!

“…a fresh and fancy take suitable for most libraries.” – School Library Journal

“Have you ever read a book that you just couldn’t help but giggling while reading? This is that book for me. Delores is such a diva, she can do it ALL on her own….until she can’t!” – Goodreads Review

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