Extension Activities for GOODNIGHT, ARK

IMG_0765Reading GOODNIGHT,ARK is just the beginning.  Here are some great follow-up activities for you and your little ones to enjoy after you read the story. More to come… so check back periodically.


IMG_3147 - Version 2TWO by TWO:  Counting Activities for Goodnight Ark



photoGOING ON A PATTERN HUNT:  Looking for Patterns in Goodnight, Ark



IIMG_0124T’S RAINING RHYMES:  Rhyming Activities for Goodnight, Ark




IMG_0728FINDING EXTRA FUNNY BITS: Going on a Picture Hunt in Goodnight, Ark



IMG_0408 GRUNT AND SLITHER: Sound and Action Activities for Goodnight, Ark 

IMG_0235STORY DETECTIVES: Making Predictions in Goodnight, Ark


5 thoughts on “Extension Activities for GOODNIGHT, ARK

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